Let's Be On The Same Page!

Best friends!

Best friends!

Policy and prices 

Due to Covid we are closed facility. Stay at your car I will come to you and get your pet. 

  We have so many new families trying to get appointments with us so please read our policies so we are all on the same page. 

We are located at 8645 Pacific Ave Tacoma WA 98444

Our phone number is 2532227503 

We groom by appointments only. 


We want to talk to you in person before booking an appointment to ensure we can provide you with service you want and meet all the needs of your pet. If we cant do it we are happy to recommend someone who can. Its all about working together as community in the best interest of every pet.


If you book an appointment and are more than 15 minutes late we will have to reschedule your appointment.


 We do understand things come up so communicate with us. WE REQUIRE 24 hour notice of any cancellation 


No aggressive dogs or cats from small to big. Our atmosphere is very calm and quiet.  We are happy to recommend a trainer that is also a groomer that can help you. 

 #5 Our Prices


STARTS  at 70.00 if dog is matted cost will be more Bath brush nails anal glands ears teeth are all included in price 

All dog bathing services will be quoted by breed size and type of bathing service regular bath

deshedding bath brush

medicated baths 

will all be quoted once we speak by phone 

Cat grooming 

We are the only place that offers a 2 person groom. My husband is always holding your cat while I'm grooming. We offer the most loving quiet gentle atmosphere and generally do cats on Sunday's and only cats on Sundays. This way your cat dies not hace to be around dogs and stressed out. We also offer later afternoon cat grooming service so it's only cats at that time

Call for price quotes on cats 

We are not cheap but we are fare. We do not negotiate our prices. We never rush through grooms and we take our time! We even have a large green grass potty area for our dogs to take a potty break if they need to. . The price we quote you is the price you will pay unless of course you come in and your pets is extremely matted or it's coat condition is much worse than you explained on the phone. Then it will cost you more.

 #6 We are Not A Pet Sitting  Service

 We must be able to reach you incase we have questions about your baby or it's time to pick up.  

 You have 1 hour to pick your furbaby up from the time we call you and we will send a text 

Once that hour passes you will be charged a late fee of 50.00 Of course other arrangements can be made if you need them to hang out with us for longer. Just let us know ahead of time so we can plan accordingly. Its all about communicating with us. We are happy to help!

 #7 Safety for your pet! 

We are on Pacific ave and it is BUSY please please please dont take a chance with your dog!

Do not allow your DOG TO JUST JUMP OUT OF YOUR CAR WITH OUT A LEASH ON! We are in pacific ave and even if this is common practice WE REQUIRE THAT YOU MUST Bring your pet in on a leash if you have cat or other small fur all MAKE sure they are in a carrier with potty pads or towels incase of accidents.  

 #8 Our Big Beautiful Potty Area

We love that we have an amazing potty area for all the furry kids but PLEASE  pick up after your pet. We have bags if needed just ask.